For Patients

AGPC brings decades of experience in home nursing. Using state of the art protocols and processes, we have been able to provide specialized nurses at home for patients who need them.

Who needs nursing services at home?

  • Older people who have ongoing health problems, but who want to maintain their independence in their homes with support from professional nursing attendants
  • Patients who return home after surgery, needing care, supervision and assistance
  • Patients who are undergoing complicated treatment that requires the use of medical equipment and/or medication monitoring
  • Adult children who want their parents to have quality elder care at home
  • People suffering chronic diseases and disabilities, such as dementia, heart failure, kidney disease, or diabetes, who need careful monitoring and supervision but do not want to enter a nursing home or palliative care facility

What We Offer

Nursing Care

There are times when you or your loved one may need intensive medical care. This usually includes people who need intensive rehabilitative care (people who have suffered a stroke for example), people with physical disabilities, and people with chronic conditions.

Our nursing care team delivers private home care services tailored to each family’s unique needs. Our registered private nurses are experienced in providing specialized personal and medical care, and are chosen for their expertise and interpersonal strengths.


AG Primary Care works with clients and their families to customize plans that meet the unique need and desires of each individual. We don’t believe in one-size fits all solutions. Not only do we provide the best in-home care services to our clients, we also provide relief and assurance to family members who know that their loved ones are happy, safe and cared for.

AG Primary Care can help whether you need assistance for several hours a few time per week, or whether you require live-in or around-the-clock assistance.

What sets AG Primary Care apart is our sensitivity to cultural diversity. Our ideology for quality of service is a reflection of our Nursing and Home Health Aide Staff. We take pride in our devotion to trained, highly-skilled professional, multi-lingual clinical staff.

Our caregivers are carefully selected to ensure friendly, compassionate, and trustworthy staff members. We conduct a 7-year background check and random drug testing. We are insured and bonded.

We offer nursing care services for patients of all ages – from new born care to elder care. We offer wide-ranging services from post-surgical and general health care services to hospice and palliative care. These services include:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Acute and Chronic Care Management
  • Home health attendant services
  • Wound care
  • Urine catheterization
  • Feeding tube insertion and changing
  • Pain management
  • Home safety instructions

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