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Our Service

As a Nurse Practitioner owned Primary care, it is our goal to continuously improve the quality of our service and the outcomes of our patients.

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We focus on health promotion/counseling and preventive care.

Nagavalli Thiruvalluvan

Welcome to the AG Primary Care

What We Do

Nurse Practitioner Owned Primary Care

About Our Practice

Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service.

Nurse Practitioners are unique

We bring a comprehensive, whole-patient perspective to Health care.

Meet Our Patients

Our patients are happy, because we provide quality and cost- effective care. We diagnose, order tests, prescribe medications and follow you progress closely.

Our Services

TELE-MEDICINE : Video and Audio – For all health related complaints and medication refills

BLOOD WORK : EKG in office, B12 Injections in office

Veterans compensation and evaluation examination : done in office

COVID-19 Testing : RAPID Test and RT-PCR Tests (24 hours turnaround)

VACCINATIONS : Flu Shots, Pneumonia shots

Substance Use Disorder treatment : Buprenorphine / Naloxone

Why Choose Us

Patient Education
24-7 Support
On-going Follow up


Provide care after temporary disability.

Skilled Services

Our agency offers a broad range of services.

Refer to Specialists

We refer to Specialists for additional care

Mental Health

We provide services tailored to meet your needs.

Stroke Recovery

Stroke recovery can be a lengthy process.

Getting quality Primary Care is easier than ever. We treat your loved ones like our family!

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