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Welcome to the Adult & Geriatric Primary Care

Nurse Practitioner Owned Primary Care

AGPC brings decades of experience in home nursing. Using state of the art protocols and processes, we have been able to provide specialized nurses at home for patients who need them.

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Providing the effective, personalized and result-bound care for an array of health issues such as post-operation care, chronic disease management and for age-related health issues, AG Primary Care ensures comprehensive medical care within reach for all the seniors.

Enabling the elderly to stay in their home with its credible care options and services, AG Primary Care is known for its best home care services for patients and elderly in New Jersey, thanks to its experienced doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare providers.

Our committed nurses and other paramedics are qualified and possess a clean medical background. They are compassionate and empathetic toward the patients as we strongly believe and very well know that treatment without a personal touch can never heal.

The comprehensive medical care at home for the patients by AG Primary Care consists of scheduled doctor home visits, home nursing care, home physiotherapy sessions, and home blood collection. The exclusive elderly home care specialist also offers services such as medical equipment for home use and medicine delivery at home.

Ensuring the availability of cost-effective patient care services in NJ area, AG Primary Care follows the highest standards of clinical procedures which reduce the necessity of visiting a hospital while providing high-quality medical care.

Our Mission

To develop multiple categories of healthcare-focused home-care and elder homes that provides comprehensive CARE for patients and seniors, and also, provides home-care & associated services with partnerships. Thereby becoming an healthcare platform integrating all services aimed at improving patients and elder’s mental health and quality of life.

Nagavalli Thiruvalluvan (Nurse Practitioner)

Getting quality Home Care with is easier than ever. We treat your loved ones like our family!

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Adult & Geriatric Primary Care